Architectural Digest and MKCA

Exciting news! I’m thrilled and proud to share than my quilt “The Stars Dream of Snow” is currently featured in a project published online at Architectural Digest. The project: “A Highly Functional 225-Square-Foot Manhattan Micro-Apartment” is designed by my good friend and former business partner, Michael Chen of MKCA (Michael K Chen Architecture). Check it out! image3.png

Note: “The Stars Dream of Snow” was designed and made for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge for the MQG’s QuiltCon West 2016, where it won first prize in the category. And of course, check out Michael Miller Fabrics.


QuiltCon is over and it’s time to go back to work on my quilt assignments, but first I wanted to share a little bit about my experience with the show. I’m honored and grateful to have had three quilts hanging in the exhibit, and I’m thrilled that my “The Stars Dream of Snow” took home first in the Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge! (Sponsored of course by Michael Miller Fabrics)


Below are “Zag” on the left, and “Orange Ripple” on the right. It was fun but a little strange seeing these two quilts displayed since I am so used to them draping over the back of my couch and operating as fort components for my daughter. It definitely brings up to me the question “What are quilts for?” -a question that has numerous and varied answers for sure, but one that sticks with me.


Another question that comes up surrounding a show like this is “What does it mean to get a quilt juried into the show? And what does it mean to win?” There’s no clear answer here, but for me personally it meant this: it comes as happy encouragement as I consider whether and how this hobby could turn into something more. So I thank QuiltCon and the MQG for that.

My favorite part of QuiltCon was the four amazing classes I signed up for. I wanted to learn new skills and be inspired, and both definitely happened. Here are the workshops I took:

Paper Piecing Design with Amy Garro of I am quite new to paper piecing and wow, the possibilities with this technique kind of blow my mind. Amy is a wonderful teacher. The Paper Piecing Design Workbook she made for us is incredible: I can’t even imagine the amount of work that went into it – it is full of clear information and useful exercises. Thank you so much Amy!

Paperless Paper Piecing with Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies Quilting. I figured if I am going to get into paper piecing, I should learn as many tricks as possible. I had never even considered that you could do this, but you can! And it’s amazing. Cristy was great and so knowledgeable. Thank you Cristy!

For the Love of Y-Seams with Libs Elliott. I drool over her work and am totally fascinated by what she does with Processing, especially because I am interested in links between technology and handcraft. I had never sewn a Y-seam in my life, and I need practice for sure! i enjoyed getting to start on her pattern The Weight of Love. And she’s just so cool. Thank you Libs!

Color Theory in Practice with Kim Eichler-Messmer of This was my first time with color theory and was so happy with this class. The exercises were fun, useful, and surprising. I discovered color palettes I never would have considered and I feel empowered to really work with color in a new way. Kim was awesome. Thank you Kim!

Overall QuiltCon was thrilling, exhausting, inspiring, intimidating…..and more. I kind of fly under the radar so I only met a few people, but I really enjoyed those I did. I hope this is the beginning of connecting with a community that seems quite supportive, encouraging, and talented.

And now it is time to get back to work! I have a design wall to (finally) build, and quilt assignments to work on.