Assignment 001 Getting started!

Here goes my first blog post! I am very excited to get started with making and exploring. I know I have a lot to figure out with this blogging thing as well as a desperate need to organize my sewing space. But I don’t want to wait.

I have been deliberating for a while over what the first quilt design assignment to myself should be (see my About page for more details.) I have lots of ideas for things that could inspire quilt designs. Should I make it really simple just to get started? Should I go all out with some of the more intense ideas? Should I…..?

I have decided to go an idea loosely based on what we would teach in architecture school in the first semesters. Part of the intention of the assignments would be to shift design thinking from “making a picture” to “developing a process of making.” I always like working with a process because it can lead to a vast set of design options by providing a means for making variations without changing the idea.

I have a goal to keep my assignments succinct. As any of my former students may recall, my handouts used to be multi-paged and dense with words as I tried to explain every detail of what I thought needed to be understood. Not necessary! In this case, the assignment will mostly be a set of directions.

And I will try not to fall too much into design school speak. Well, maybe just a little here and there (have I done so already?!) After all, I often did want to do my own assignments and many will be showing up here in adaptation. The format of this first one will likely repeat with different idea generators.

Here’s the first part of what will be a multipart assignment:


Assignment 001a

Choose 3 actions out of a hat.

Choose 3 descriptive modifiers out of hat.

Pair the actions and descriptive modifiers as desired.

Select 2 solid color fabrics.

Make blocks using the word pairings. Because the word pairings include actions, consider that they may suggest a process of making. This could allow the blocks to develop variants whereby dimensions of the pieces may differ, but the described action stays the same.

Make 3 options of each.

The size of the blocks should be in the area of 12” x 12”, however this is just a general guide.


Now: Go!