Hello and welcome. A bit about me…

I taught architecture for nearly ten years until my daughter was born. Before pressing “play” on teaching again, I want to spend some time creating a body of my own work. I recently started making quilts and discovered that this is what I want to do! My intention is to explore, learn, and create, lots and see where it leads.

Craft runs in my family: I grew up watching my grandmother, mother, aunts and most recently my brother skillfully produce beautiful things with fabric, yarn and clay, among other materials. It was my mom who taught me the basics of sewing and knitting when I was young. I’m also fascinated by new technologies for making: after I graduated from architecture school some of my jobs included experimental work employing things like CNC machines and 3-D printing –both “cutting edge” at the time. Eventually for my own work I’m interested in bringing together handcraft and technology.

Before I get to that point, however, it’s me at home with my old Bernina 930 electric –the “new machine,” and a very old Bernina 830 –the “back-up.” Both machines were inherited from my mother who believed in having high quality tools for her endeavors. Thanks Mom!


Blog Format

Here’s the plan: to produce work in a space that is a little like design school where the process is often as important as the finished product. I will give myself design “assignments” intended to explore various ideas and techniques, and will present both the written assignments and the work I make in response.

Assignments may or may not be given all at once. A series of exercises culminate in a final project, but that final project may or may not be established at the beginning. The process may be linear or not. Explorations usually come in multiples. Monkey wrenches can be thrown in at any time. Ideas can come from anywhere. And then sometimes I may just make something.

I also will explore the many questions I have about quilting. From the technical: How can I quilt this on my home machine? To the big picture: Why quilting? This last one is huge and I don’t currently have an answer other than “I like it!” (My architecture friends in particular may wonder too.) Everyone, please stick around, join in, and help me work it out.



The content of this blog including photos, written assignments, text, and quilt designs is created and owned by me unless otherwise noted. Please do not take without my permission. I’m happy if you like my work and want to share! If you want to link a post to your site, please credit to AndersonDesignWorks and link back to the original file. Many thanks!

A special note with regards to the written assignments: if you would like to join in and do my assignments for your own pleasure, please do and credit my assignment when appropriate. And of course, share your work with me! I would love to see what you create. Please do not, however, copy the assignments and use beyond your own personal enjoyment without my consent. Like a quilt pattern, time, effort, education and experience all go into the writing of an assignment. And while I have been influenced by many people and my background, these particular assignments are developed by me for this blog. Thank you!



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