Assignment 001c: Bring it all together!

Here’s the fun part! The last part of the assignment will bring everything together and explore what can be made with all the ideas I’ve been working with. I’m very excited to move into this stage of design. Things have been a little slow going lately, though, as I’m in the process of building my design wall and trying to put together some “quick” pillows. Nevermind that I’ve only ever made one pillow before and it wasn’t pieced. Ha! (Oh, and I also seem to be dealing with some ridiculous allergies….where did they come from?! I hear that Tree pollen is the culprit right now.) In the meantime I’ll post the final assignment for this project:

Assignment 001c

Using the techniques and blocks from the three word pairings and the combos, develop designs for a quilt that bring together ideas and suggest movement in some way. Sew, sketch, digitally draw….use each or all design techniques available. Complete at least one pieced quilt. (We’ll examine quilting later.)

Things to consider:

-What is the organization of the quilt – will blocks repeat? How? In a grid? Alternate grid?

-Transformation: perhaps some blocks or actions infiltrate the design sporadically to disrupt the pattern rather than all three word pairings appearing in every block.

-The scale of blocks or techniques may adjust in relation to each other.

-The three word pairing ideas do not need to be weighted equally in the final design.

-Blocks or techniques may need to change from the original explorations in order to work in the larger fields. This is ok!


I think that gives enough to go from. It’s pretty loose but there’s already a lot of material to work with. Finding the possible connections will be the challenge. Now I just can’t wait to get started!


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