Rippling Sliding

[This is the continuation of an assignment I gave previously. See earlier posts for details or click on “Assignment 001” on the right and scroll through]

Rippling Sliding is the last of the word pair combos. After this will be taking as step back, looking at what I have made, and designing. I’m looking forward to that stage!

In these two blocks below, I took part of my Mirrored Rippling block and slid a segment along a white “slide”. The one on the left is untrimmed to see the action: the three top triangular segments have slid down the bottom triangle along the line of the white slide. In the block on the right, I allowed the top three triangles of the block to change shape as I imagined the sliding action to happen prior to the creation of the rippling block. I’d really like to examine both of these with “regular” Mirrored Rippling blocks to see how they shift the pattern. The block on the left, if trimmed, would actually be a different height and would therefore shift the positioning of a whole column of blocks. Both could create interesting breakages in the overall Mirrored Rippling pattern.

Rippling Sliding01

The last experiment I did also came with a color change. I ran out of the pale blue material and decided to try a replacement color that would contrast more dramatically with the white. I chose a beautiful deep blue-purple.

Sliding Rippling

I paper-pieced this block and multiplied it to understand how the shift I made would start to show in the overall pattern. I kind of fell in love with this. Here, instead of using added white strips as “slides,” I thought I could just use the diagonal lines created in the pattern to shift the pieces. There are four blocks here. In the lower right block the upper purple triangle has slid down, elongating the white area and creating a much smaller purple triangle. When the small purple triangle connects to the left with another block, it ends up creating a shape that looks like an on-angle arrow head. I love how dynamic this looks and can start to imagine a whole field created with these two blocks. With this last experiment I’ve really been ignoring the “mirrored” part of Mirrored Rippling, and may just do away with it. I think I can use the action of mirroring in a larger layout of these blocks, but I don’t want to be tied to it within each individual block. Maybe that’s changing the rules a little bit, but sometimes that is ok!

I’m excited to move on with all the pieces I have created. I’ll post a new assignment to explain what I’ll be doing, but the gist of it is that I’ll be picking and choosing from all the work I have done to create full quilt designs.

I have a little work at home to do first, though. I don’t currently have a design wall and I am feeling that in order to “step back and take a look” at what I have made so far with this assignment, that I LITERALLY need to be able to “step back and take a look!!” So first up, a design wall. And I may be making a few pillows too…..

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