Assignment 001b

[This is the continuation of an assignment I gave to myself previously. See earlier posts for details or click on “Assignment 001” on the right and scroll through]

Before taking a break for QuiltCon I was working on creating blocks from the word pairings I pulled out of a hat: Repeated Folding, Angled Sliding, and Mirrored Rippling. It’s now time for the next part of the assignment. And believe me, I know what I am assigning, but I have no idea where the design of this quilt is leading (or whether it will work)! That’s what makes this fun. Teehee!

Assignment 001b:

Using the explorations for the word pairing blocks, create new blocks that combine ideas. For example: Repeated Folding + Angled Sliding.

In each block, consider the order of operations. For example, add Repeated Folding to the Angled Sliding block, and then try adding Angled Sliding to one of the Repeated Folding blocks. There will likely be big differences between the explorations!

Make all combinations and make a bunch of options.

Now make!


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