Mirrored Rippling

I have to admit it: Mirrored Rippling is giving me trouble! Not only am I having a hard time creating something that ripples, but it is shifting how I thought this assignment would go. Really, that is to be expected – how I imagine assignments to play out always changes in the process. This is just how a creative process works! Right?!


First, the action of Rippling just doesn’t give as obvious direction as Folding or Sliding. Making a fold and sliding two pieces along a line are clear things I can do to fabric. Ripple? There’s more interpretation here – which isn’t a bad thing, but it has led me to another realization: Folding and Sliding are things we already just DO to fabric when we manipulate it. In order to achieve Rippling, most of my ideas include a lot of Folding and Sliding.

The above images are, believe it or not, all attempts at Rippling. Yes, yes, I know, that striped one? I was imagining a line rippling back and forth across a center mirror, but the effect didn’t quite come across. No big deal, you have to make and make lots to discover what does work, and nothing is wrong when you are experimenting. Of these three, the lower one has potential to me in a repeated form.


I was trying really hard not to just Fold and Slide, but in the above experiment I went all out with Folding to get Rippling. Since my word pairing is Mirrored Rippling I opted to alternate the directions of my folds. Whoah! There was so much surprise here! I loved the discovery of those diamond shapes when the folds started crossing through each other. I did the simple white just to see what the basic crossing fold did.


My last experiment went back to a more standard piecing technique. The block is pretty straightforward – a rectangle made up of four triangles of alternating color. In this assembly, the “Mirrored” part of Mirrored Rippling is obviously across the first vertical seam. I can imagine many ways this block can layout using multiple mirrorings. (Yes, I am making that a word!)

I need to let these ideas stew for a few weeks before moving onto the next part of the assignment. QuiltCon 2016 is coming up in a few weeks and I’m going! I’m signed up to take a bunch of workshops and it turns out I have a lot of prep work to do before showing up. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

And if you haven’t guessed it already, the next part of the assignment is about combining….

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