Repeated Folding


Repeated Folding has so far been both simple and difficult. I have a couple unmentioned rules for this round: first, while I am interested in working three-dimensionally sometime, for now I wanted to stay with a more traditional piecing technique with all seam edges remaining on the backside. Second, I don’t want the back of any material to show on the quilt front. These limitations on the action of folding have directed me towards “pleating” over other ways of folding. For pleating, I folded the fabric back on itself, sewed a 1/4″ seam, pressed, then repeated.

The top 4 images explore slight variations on pleating: linear, angled, even, decreasing, within either a single color fabric or in a combination of the two colors. The bottom right image shows tests in a triangular back-and-forth folding idea. The white one does flip the fabric at each fold (thus breaking my own rule of not showing the backside of any fabric on the front,) but the blue one does not.

I think there’s some interesting stuff here, but admittedly I was hoping to come up with some more ideas for folding. This is where the difficulty comes in! I’ll keep thinking. What I like is how it adds texture and line, and can be enacted on an already pieced block.

Funny enough, the upper right image with the angled seam between the blue and white looks just like a repeated version of one of my “angled sliding” tests. And my first idea for the next word pairing (mirrored rippling) is similar as well. Hmmm, I think this last word pairing is going to be quite tricky!

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