Beginning the assignment

I started! Per the assignment I put actions and modifiers into a hat (literally) and drew three of each. I have to admit, when I pulled out these words I felt “Oh no! Maybe I should have picked different words!” But, I reminded myself, the seeming simplicity or difficulty of the terms is not the point, but to use the words as idea generators.Wordsfromhat

Here are the pairings I chose: “repeated folding,” “angled sliding,” and “mirrored rippling.” And now to cutting and sewing…

I am first playing with “angled sliding.” This doesn’t need to be tricky, so I’m working in a straightforward manner. Angled sliding suggested to me an angled slice, smooth shift along the cut, then re-attachment.

Angled sliding 01

There has to be some sort of marker in the pattern to demonstrate the shift. In the first, a horizontal line serves that purpose, in the second, a vertical stripe. My next thought was to consider a piece that would act as the “slide” – an inserted piece along which the other pieces would shift.

Angled sliding 02

In these three experiments a simple seam in the main blue parts helps demonstrate that something has slid. The white part acts as the “slide.”

Some things to work with here! At this point I’m not making any decisions or judgements on what I’ve made – it’s all just building potential…

And now onto the next two word pairings.

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